Steps For Becoming An Exceptional Speaker, And A Great Storyteller


The art of storytelling is the creative process of utilizing factual information, descriptive data, and inclusive narration capabilities to successfully communicate certain sets of crucial information to a wider range of audiences. 

This skill of storytelling requires proper guidance to flourish but first and foremost it should be the part of an individual’s natural interest to dazzle their audiences and move their perspective with their captivating stories and storytelling capabilities. 

You will find that experienced storytellers tend to deliver stories as if they were painting a masterpiece but with their consciously chosen words and minimal action. But before you become a master storyteller, you need to know the basics of storytelling. For instance, if you are a teacher then you should opt for the national academy’s storytelling course for teachers to learn the fundamentals of storytelling crucial in the field of Education. 

Here are a few steps for becoming an exceptional speaker and a great storyteller :

Present good relatable stories from your own life experiences. 

Narrating a story straight out of a textbook, or from some random source on the internet might not make your listeners feel connected to the story on a personal level. On the other hand, if you can properly articulate and narrate the valuable stories from your own personal life experiences to your audience, then there are higher chances of engaging your audience on a deeper level. Such kinds of personal stories tend to make your audience feel much more inspired, not only that your listeners might even take the initiatives to respond with enthusiasm and connect on a personal level. National Academy’s Storytelling course online program can help you build the necessary storytelling skills required to make a transition from a Presenter who conducts monotonous sessions to a Presenter who conducts more engaging sessions which can be attained with the help of ample amount of practice and hard work. 

Select great enticing stories to narrate

Picking an appropriate story is crucial. Learn to make a detailed in-depth note of anything that moves you and trigger strong feeling such as making you laugh, cry, think, sad, etc. Try to capture as much as you can in full depth spending more time taking notes. Because you are far more likely to forget the details of your thought within the next few moments. Such notes can help you derive your own valuable stories. The Best storytelling courses tend to teach such note-making techniques, particularly their applications in a storytelling context. 

Make sure your story delivers a message or makes an important point at the end. 

Don’t tell hollow stories. Stories that don’t deliver a message or make no clear precise point at the end aren’t of any use to the listeners. Stories are just tools to conduct effective communication but using them in the right context is extremely important. National academy’s Storytelling course online program teaches you how to employ storytelling skills to make your presentation more effective, the purpose of the course is to help you illustrate your point constructively. 

Have a good hold on the core idea of your story

The most crucial component of any presentation is the Presenter’s confidence. Having an in-depth idea of your topic and a good command of your subject/ storyline will help you feel comfortable and confident. Because if you are not confident and feel uncomfortable while presenting to your audience then your audience will automatically feel uncomfortable attending your presentation and watching you present. National Academy’s Storytelling course for teachers helps teachers to overcome the lack of confidence problem while presenting to their students.

Add emotion to your story and connect with your audience on a personal level

To grab the attention of your audience and revive their interest, you need to add an emotional aspect to your story. National academy’s Storytelling course online program helps you discover your audience interest by developing a detailed understanding of their preferences from their desire to their motivation. On top of that, they also help you to customize your tone and language based on your audience preferences which in return help them connect to your story. 

National Academy offers the Best storytelling courses in Mumbai, India. The course equips you with essential storytelling skills by providing necessary practical training sessions and teaching important concepts that help you to become a proficient certified storyteller which can change your career for good. 

6 Ways to Make Special Education Better For All Kids

Special education generally refers to educating and molding special kids with disabilities who cannot learn in a normal schooling environment, like difficulty in understanding, learning, and communicating, including many other physical disabilities and such young ones always need special help and a special educational environment. National Academy’s certificate in learning disabilities helps teachers who teach students with special disabilities, by making them equipped with essential practical teaching tools and theoretical knowledge including standard handling practices that can help them educate children with learning disabilities. 

 Different ways, which will help kids with disabilities learn online, are as follows:

  1. Recognizing Problems: 

The very first step is analyzing whether the child needs any special education or not. After that, the young ones can be enrolled in a schooling system where teachers possess the necessary experience and a ‘Certificate in Learning Disability. Also, we need to identify whether the child can properly grasp, be it fast or slow, all the teacher’s instructions because such communicational efforts will help establish a strong foundation and reliable relationship between the child and the teacher.

  1. Response to Intervention: 

The term “response to intervention” is mainly related to the intervention of disabled children. Teachers need to recognize which students are weak and guide them especially by improving their weak points so that they can master their skills. It will also help the student to learn more gradually. And If the child is not able to understand and inculcate the learnings then that means he/she has a learning disability. In our learning disabilities certificate online program we teach how to spot students with learning disabilities as well as standard practices used to guide them. 

  1. Official Assessments: 

In our special education course online, respective teachers can organize various types of assessment tests for students with learning disabilities on a regular basis. Such initiatives help them assess their behavioral aspects and academic performance on the basis of their reading ability, ability to solve basic math problems, and spelling.

  1. Individualized Planning of Course: 

While planning an individualized special education course online, it is important for the educational organization to keep in mind all the possible requirements of the specially-abled students beforehand, and design the course with the purpose of helping them grow and achieve new heights in their lives. The learning disabilities certificate online curriculum consists of Introduction to Special Education and Learning Disability, development and education psychology, and Remedial /Enhancement education. The best part of our certificate in learning disabilities program is that we teach how to review students’ progress on a daily basis and set goals according to the student’s potential.

  1. Concentrate more on fitness, behaviour, and safety needs rather than scholarly needs: 

Along with academics, it is also important to participate in extra activities which will help improve the health of the student as well as help them develop certain behavioral and safety aspects in their life. More than that such initiatives are taught in the learning disabilities certificate online course to the respective teachers. Education is just one part, but rest all other extra activities are far more important for your young ones in order to understand about their surrounding lifestyle as well as interact with others around them without any hesitation.

  1. Annual Feedback: 

While Planning a special education course online it is extremely important to get multiple reviews from other people to understand how well the program is performing in all aspects and what needs to be improved in order to make it better. In our certificate in learning disabilities, we teach how to track children’s performance on a daily basis and provide active efforts to help make necessary improvements in their learning process along the way as well as reward their efforts with awards, which will boost their confidence and eventually embracing their willingness to learn.

To conclude, there are a lot of amazing ways to improve education for students with special abilities which will definitely help young ones to learn and grow with enthusiasm.

Difference Between Counseling Psychology And Clinical Psychology

A lot of people struggle to understand the concepts of Counselling Psychology and Clinical Psychology and the difference between the two. This is because of the fact that there is an overlap between them. There are many psychologists that work in both these fields. Understanding the difference between clinical vs counselling psychology can help you make an informed decision in choosing the right psychology program for yourself. Let us explore and find out more about the difference between the two courses.

  1. The kind of work they do

When you take up a certification course in counselling psychology, you will be trained to have a stronger focus on healthy individuals. The patients you deal with will have fewer pathological mental problems. A clinical psychologist on the other hand will be trained to have more emphasis on people with psychosis and other serious mental health problems. While both these courses overlap in the fields of research and supervision activities, a person that has undergone counselling courses in Mumbai will be mainly involved in vocational and career assessment. A clinical psychologist on the other hand, will be given projective assessment training. 

  1. The origin of the courses

When it comes to the orientation of both these courses, there is a lot of overlap. In recent research, a lot of similarities were found in both these courses but a few differences were also highlighted. A person aspiring to become a clinical psychologist will be given more focus on psychoanalytic persuasions and behavioural issues. Whereas, leading counselling courses in Mumbai lay emphasis on humanistic and client-centred traditions. When it comes to theoretical orientation, clinical psychology aspirants prefer psychodynamic research while counselling students lean more towards cognitive behaviour. 

  1. Employment opportunities

Health care is becoming more and more holistic these days. There are a lot of clinical and psychological professionals working in a variety of settings. Meaning, there are a lot of professionals working in both these fields. However, there are notable differences. A person with a certificate course in counselling is more likely to be employed in a university, delivering counselling services. A clinical psychologist on the other hand will be working in hospitals highlighting the difference between the two fields. 

  1. Research areas

This is the part where the difference between clinical and counselling psychologists can be notably highlighted. Counselling courses in Mumbai will train the students for vocational assessment and minority/cross-cultural psychology while clinical psychologists will favour psychopathological conditions. However, it is important to take note that when detailed research was conducted there were evident similarities in faulty research areas. Therefore, it can be concluded that the major difference lies in the frequency of the disciplines participating in the programs. 

5. The Bottom Line:

There is a thin line between the two courses and the differences can be hard to pinpoint because of the overlaps between them. What can be gathered from the studies and research is that the main difference lies in their approach. Candidates undergoing counselling courses in Mumbai are observed to be more interested in a humanistic approach. They deal directly with behavioural issues that must be addressed in the community. Clinical psychology professionals on the other hand prefer to deal with more serious mental health problems, where proper medical attention is necessary.

Benefits Of English Speaking Course For Kids

The world is coming closer and English is no more just a language. English is a way of communicating with the world and opening doors to endless opportunities. Any person who can speak the English language with utmost confidence can convey their thoughts and messages to anyone in the world without language barriers. When you enrol your children for an English speaking course for kids you are giving them the gift that they’ll take into adulthood. It is the best practice to start communicating with your children in a global language at an early stage whether you are a native English speaker or just a learner.

There are many online English speaking courses for kids that help your child get a command over communication, accuracy, vocabulary, pronunciation, interaction as well as fluency. This makes learning English for kids an essential skill for a variety of reasons some of which include: 

  1. Better understanding and knowledge:

There are endless libraries filled with books in the English language. By giving your child English speaking courses for kids, you are giving them the priceless gift of knowledge. This language will act as a bridge for them to the vast ocean of knowledge that this world has to offer. 

  1. Opens up new opportunities:

This is the language that is universally accepted as the global language and spoken in almost every part of the world. Billions of students worldwide are gaining education in this language and teaching your child English will bridge the gap between them and excellent academic and career opportunities in the future. It will also lead to evident personal and professional development when they can communicate well with people. This brings us to the next benefit of learning the English language.

  1. Enhanced communication skills and confidence:

When your child knows how to converse with people across the globe with a rich vocabulary and clarity of thoughts, they will come off as a personality of authority and maturity. The masses will be influenced and impressed by their command of the language. 

  1. Intellectual development:

It goes without saying that when your child goes through an online English speaking course of kids, they will also learn about new cultures and traditions. Learning about different cultures, their origin and their background is valuable at an educational as well as intellectual level. Kids will also learn to develop a more open mindset which will positively impact their personal and professional relationships in the future.

  1. Get more access to online resources:

Various online study material and resources such as interactive games, videos, seminars, etc. are all available in English. When your child has the knowledge of the English language, they will have access to all such resources. They can also increase their vocabulary, sharpen their minds and gain access to easy methods of solving difficult tasks. Several statistics have shown that there are almost one billion English language users on the internet leading to a galore of visual, textual and audio educational content on the internet in the English language.

  1. Increased Brainpower:

Several kinds of research have shown that learning English (or any other language) as a second language not only polishes a person’s linguistic skills but also increases their mental flexibility. This often results in several cognitive benefits such as better creativity, problem-solving skills and better understanding capacity.

  1. Freedom:

When your child successfully completes an English speaking course for kids, they can enjoy the freedom to do anything they want in on a global level including project presentations, giving interviews and job applications, doing homework or socialising. 

  1. Achieve a broader perspective:

By communicating with a lot of people in their language, your child will realize how diverse the world really is. They can read different research papers, learn about different cultures, learn and listen to different ideologies and broaden their horizons. 

A Beginner’s Guide to Vedic Maths for Children

Mathematics is a sensitive subject for a lot of people. For some students, failing the mathematics exam is the biggest nightmare, even adults can’t help but take help from gadgets or the internet for basic mathematical calculations in daily life. However, in this competitive world, it is essential for kids to challenge and overcome their drawbacks. Mathematics can be an interesting budget if taught correctly. 

Vedic Maths is a gift to the world from Indian historical intellectuals. It has its origin in the ancient Indian texts and can help solace even the most complex mathematical problems with ease. In this blog, we shall shed some light on the tricks using which, Vedic knowledge makes mathematics more fun and interesting for kids. With the knowledge of Vedic mathematics for children, students can easily do computations and calculations mentally and solve complex equations quickly and effectively. 

How is Vedic Maths for Kids helpful?

Courses on Vedic Maths for Kids online are basically a combination of 16 Vedic sutras or formulae. These sutras enable the students to solve complex problems with the quickest techniques that are easy to remember. It is a much convenient and optical method of solving problems rather than the basic method. If a kid faces difficulty in solving basic math problems, Vedic Math can turn their dread for math into the hobby they would want to pursue. 

Vedic Math assists the children in memorising the sutras and tables in a simple way. Understanding the tricks of Vedic Maths for kids will help them solve numeric sums of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Let us have a look at a few Vedic Math tricks that make maths easy for even a 5-year-old.

  • Addition Trick

Institutions that teach Vedic Maths for kids online help them to add numbers without going through the normal complicated procedure. 

For example- 47 + 28 = ? 

Step 1: Find the closets 10s for both the numbers

In this case, the closest round figure for 47 is 50 and 28 is 30.

Step 2: Add them together

Adding the closets 10s of the two numbers

50 + 30 = 80

Step 3: Add or subtract the differences

Since, in this case, we added 3 to 47 and 2 to 28 to get the round figures, we subtract the sum to 3 and 2 from 80. This gives us- 

80 – (3+2) = 75

The final number will be equal to the sum of the original numbers.

 So, 47 + 28 = 75

  • Subtraction trick

While subtracting two-digit numbers, the steps to follow are quite similar to the Addition Trick. Let us understand this with the help of an example.

42 – 18 = ?

Step 1: Find the closest 10s of the two numbers

The closest round figure for 42 is 40 and 18 is 20.

Step 2: Subtract the two closets 10s

Subtracting 20 from 40 we get 20. 

Step 3: Subtract the deficiency numbers.

Difference of the Subtrahend and the closest base + difference of the Minuend and its closest base

Since, in this case, we get 2 from 42 (42-40) and 2 from 18 (20-18) respectively, add those two numbers.

2 + 2 = 4

Step 4: Now add the two resultant numbers.

20 + 4 = 24

This number will be equal to the difference between the two original numbers.

42 – 18 = 24

  • Square of a number ending with 5

With the knowledge of Vedic Maths, anyone can quickly find the square of a two-digit number ending with 5.

 Here’s how- 

Example (65) ² =?

Step 1: The square of any number ending with 5 will always have ending numbers as 25. 

This gives us- (65) ² = XX25. 

Step 2: Multiply the first digit with its succeeding number. 

In this case, the first digit is 6 and its succeeding number is 7. Multiplying the two we get- 

6 x 7 = 42

This will be the start of the square of the original number. 

 (65) ² = 4225

Mental maths becomes a child’s play with these tricks that can be learnt through a course of Vedic Maths for kids online. There are countless other tricks in Vedic Maths that make mathematics easy, fun and interesting for children. 

5 Key Abilities Of Jolly Phonics


To achieve success in education and social lives, a strong foundation in English literacy is a crucial requirement for every child.

Phonics helps children in bridging the gap between what they see (read) in writing on paper and how they pronounce (say) the word when they are speaking.

Phonics builds stronger communication skills by improving proper pronunciation and spelling capabilities.

Phonics is essential for your children because normal look-and-say (reading) training programs limit the scope of the communicational capabilities.

Jolly Phonics training in Mumbai is based on the synthetic phonics method of teaching; it is a multi-sensory, child-centered, and fun-based teaching method.

If your child is between the age of 3 to 5 years, that’s an ideal age for enrolling in Jolly phonics courses in Mumbai.

What if you belong to a higher age group?

No problem!

The Jolly phonics course in Mumbai is beneficial to older children, even adults, who are looking forward to developing good English speaking, writing, and reading skills for educational purposes or as an employment-related requirement. 

At the end of the Jolly Phonics course in Mumbai, children can read, spell and speak with confidence.

The five core skills of Jolly Phonics

  1. Lesson based on letter-sound [Learning the letter sound]

In Jolly Phonics, the first skill needed to be taught to the children is letter sound. The 42 sounds in English are divided into 7 groups of sounds, where each group consists of 6 sounds, such as /s/, /a/, /t/, /i/, /p/, /n/, and so forth.

Each sound is allocated a storyline and an associated action, which helps children to remember sounds properly. Flashcards (as a visual aid) and sound books (for reading) are provided to the children in order to practice and hone the necessary skills. Children are taught to recognize digraphs.

  1. Lesson based on letter-formation [Learning letter formation]

In order to make children imitate letter formation correctly, the teacher shows letter formation patterns in the air, through the flashcard, and on the board. Another activity includes matching pictures representing letter sound with letter formation.

  1. Lesson based on blending [Blending for reading]

As per the Jolly Phonics methodology, blending lessons must start only after the teacher teaches the first six-letter sounds with the help of the flashcards. Children must be able to understand sounds, to mix them in order to form words. To learn to create words, children must learn to recognize and listen to someone speaking it. Such skills are required to make notes of unfamiliar words. On the other hand, the ability to blend the sound enhances reading fluency. Home reading programs help children practice their reading and blending skills.

  1. Lesson based on identifying sounds [Identifying sounds in words for writing]

In this lesson, children are expected to listen for the spoken word, identify, and write the sound they heard in the form of words. This will give them a better understanding of the writing and reading process.

In the modeling and copying technique, children are asked to try to write on the board after the teacher slowly rubs the word written on the board. In the children’s free-writing technique, children are allowed to write independently on any topic from friends to toys, but the alphabet and the tricky words are provided by the teacher beforehand. By this method, children are getting used to writing and getting ready to be independent writers.

  1. Lesson based on tricky words [Tricky words]

Tricky words frequently appear in the normal text but are difficult to spell. Tricky words cannot be merged. For example, the word ‘live’ where the /e/ sound is the tricky part. While pronouncing, the word ‘was’ has an /o/ sound instead of an /a/ sound, also a tricky word.

Children are introduced to tricky words through flashcards, snapping games, and outdoor activities. To boost children’s learning motivation, outdoor activities like the look, copy, cover, write and check – the game is played.

With the help of all the five Jolly Phonics skills, children will be able to develop and enhance their English literacy skills, where children learn most sounds of the letter, they remember most tricky forms of words, they also attain the capability to blend, read and at the same time write independently.

Jolly Phonics course training in Mumbai is an effective teaching methodology for enhancing children’s English language communicational literacy. Jolly phonics course motivates teachers, who work hard to see students achieve.

National Academy’s Jolly phonics training (course in Mumbai) curriculum covers 42 letter sounds, letter formation, blending, segmenting, tricky words, alternative spellings of vowel sounds, spelling rules, and teaching sequence in-depth, which also includes various enjoyable techniques involving children’s sight, sound, and kinesthetic means.

Psychological Counseling’s Influence on Mental Health


Mental health conditions highly influence our emotions and feelings, our cognitive thinking capabilities, and our behaviour. It defines how we feel about ourselves and what we think about others surrounding us. So, it becomes extremely crucial to address our mental condition if it negatively impacts our lives and our relationships.

The World health organization or W.H.O. defines mental health as a state of wellbeing where a person recognizes his or her potential. A flourishing mental state can help a person to work productively and to contribute positively to the community.

It is expected that over 450 million individuals (according to an approximate estimate) suffer from serious mental issues; shockingly, most of them never get fully treated by a professional Counseling Psychologist.

Because of the stigma around mental illness, the least amount of engagement and participation is recorded across multiple psychological counseling courses in Mumbai, India.

The psychological counseling session is one of the best ways to determine the cause of the mental illness and its consequential suffering.

But, How can counselors and psychological counseling courses (in Mumbai, India) help you to address your mental health problem?

What is the importance of Psychological counseling?

Psychological counseling addresses emotional, social, work, and physical health concerns. A counseling psychologist focuses on typical life stresses and struggles that an individual has to face irrespective of age and stage in life.

A counseling psychologist helps you develop the ability to handle difficult (traumatic) situations and cope with severe stress in life.

Why is your mental health important for your wellbeing?

Psychological counseling in Mumbai, India can help you improve your sense of well-being, alleviate feelings of distress, and resolve critical situations such as crisis.

How do our psychological counseling courses positively impact your mental health?

Therapy sessions conducted by the professional Psychologist counselor are the best way to identify the cause, at the core of the mental health problem. Such therapy sessions also help in finding potential solutions to the mental health problem.

A common cause of concern that requires your immediate attention!

For an individual with severe psychological symptoms, one has to go through the entire psychological counseling process, which includes a cognitive assessment, followed by clinical diagnosis and supervision, eventual recovery, and treatment.

Certain kinds of behaviors (symptoms) are prominent signs of mental health illness that should be addressed and properly treated by a Psychological counselor at an early stage. Those behavioral signs are:

  • Depression
  • A sense of grief and loss
  • Unhealthy diet and eating habits
  • Abuse
  • Addiction
  • Trauma
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Anger issue
  • Anxiety problem

Symptoms: Is it psychotic? Or is it Neurotic?

According to Mental Health Foundation (MHF), there are two main types of mental health problems/ symptoms i.e. Psychotic and Neurotic.

Neurotic symptoms include phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), panic attacks. During excessive stress, sadness and anxiety, one may express harsher versions of ‘normal’ emotions, if those emotions start negatively influencing your daily lives, then it may be a sign of mental health problems.

Psychotic symptoms include Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, Personality disorder. It majorly interferes with the person’s perception of reality.

If you are suffering from an urgent health condition then you must visit a trained professional Counseling psychologist. Strictly, follow their advice.

Comfortable therapeutic relationships always enhance the impact of the medical service. Psychological counseling and therapy for mental health is an extremely slow (step-by-step) process that requires time and patience. Consistency is crucial in order to make the therapy work. Ignoring mental health problems may lead to devastating outcomes.

National Academy offers Psychological counseling courses in Mumbai, India. Our courses enable you with essential skills, training, and concepts that help you to address the problems and deal with them effectively. Using our counseling techniques, students develop a better understanding of their concepts essential to understand others.

Why Counselling Is Important In One & Life: Top 5 Benefits

Counseling is surrounded by plenty of social stigmas. People who visit counselors are looked down upon and
considered “less than” the people who do not need it as many people remain perplexed about its true meaning, purpose, and intention. The truth is, counseling can be beneficial for anyone regardless of whether they need it to treat issues such as anxiety, depression, doubt, lack of confidence, among others.

Not only can counseling treat mental health conditions, but it can also help individuals, groups, organizations, and
society optimize wellbeing. In this blog, we have further elaborated on the importance of counseling in one’s life along
with a list of researched benefits.

  1. Helps In Speaking Your Mind:
    When you visit a counsellor that has undergone psychological counselling courses in Mumbai, they will allow you to talk your heart out without any pauses or filters. You would not have to worry about having others interrupt your
    conversation or feel as though you are dumping a massive burden on someone. A good counsellor can act as a support system that provides you with a safe environment for whatever you need to find healing.
  2. Provides Validity And Clarity:
    Sifting through your own emotions can be hard to do on your own. It is best to find clarity by seeking help from a
    professional with a certificate course in counselling if you are feeling confused about your feelings. They will not only
    help you be entitled to your emotions but also help you think clearly and rationally.
  3. They Care:
    Deciding to take up counselling is an act of bravery. It may seem difficult to talk to a stranger about your burdens and
    struggles, especially if you feel they seem not important in the long-term in life. Professional counsellors that have
    undergone counselling courses in Mumbai are always there for you in any way you need. More importantly, they are
    people who deeply care about helping you improve yourself. It is important to realise that counselling or mental health
    treatment of any form is a healthy action for anybody.
  4. Effectively Reduce Medical Expenses:
    Research has shown there is a direct connection between physical and mental health. Several doctors often advise
    treating the mental conditions or receiving counselling from someone who has completed counselling courses in
    Mumbai to regulate their emotions in order to improve mood, as well as physical health. Research has discovered that
    psychological treatment along with chronic physical conditions in a group setting significantly provided physical and
    financial benefits.
  5. Provides Educational And Technical Skills:
    A lot of people that opt for counselling know that they are suffering but have no understanding of the underlying causes, specific conditions or how certain techniques can assist in addressing certain issues. Psychoeducation is a way to normalize problems, decrease stigma and improve compliance with treatment options. It is a large umbrella that aids in trauma treatments. Several techniques can be used in psychological counselling courses in Mumbai to teach and practice skills that provide both short term and long term relief. They end up learning essential skills like self-awareness, active listening skills along with communication skills and behaviour change skills.

Jolly Phonics: Teach Students Letter Sounds in a Fun & Enjoyable Way

Jolly Phonics is a leading English literacy method across the world that teaches children how to speak, read and write in
English. The approach towards phonics is unique and innovative as it uses the sounds that letters make rather than the
names of the letters to teach the alphabet as it is the sound of the letter that is useful while reading and writing, not the name.

The Jolly Phonics course in Mumbai teaches these sounds in a systematic way alongside all the skills needed to get a
command of the language. Faculties that have undergone jolly phonics training in Mumbai encapsulate all the
knowledge in a fun and engaging manner with the help of characters, stories, actions, songs, and games.

Studies have shown that a child that has undergone jolly phonics training in Mumbai for a year can have an average
reading skill around 12 months ahead of their actual age. A teacher training course in phonetics trains the candidates on five basic skills for reading and writing.

  1. Learning sounds of the letters:
    Jolly Phonics course in Mumbai starts by teaching the kids 42 main sounds on which the English language is built. It goes beyond focusing on just the alphabet. The sounds are grouped with certain sounds as single letters while others are coupled together. Each sound is accompanied by an action enabling children to remember the letters that represent it. As they learn and grow, they will get more and more comfortable in performing the actions and saying those sounds as their teacher guides them to the letter. Over time, the actions gradually become unnecessary.
  2. Understanding letter formation:
    In the phonics teacher training course, the candidates are taught to show children how to form and write different
    words using various multi-sensory methods. This is done along with the exposure to letter sounds. Teaching the children how to understand the sounds and formations of letters enables them to slowly start reading bigger words and form words on their own.
  3. The blending of words:
    After the children have mastered individual letter sounds, children are taught to start blending these sounds to form
    complete words. It is only after learning the art of blending different letters together, can they read and write new
    words without needing external help.
  4. Identifying the sounds in the words:
    This is also called breaking down the word or “segmenting”. When students start reading bigger words, they also start to grasp the underlying phonic composition of the words. At this stage of the learning process, children can identify the phonic composition and gain an understanding of why they sound the way they do. By teaching, blending, and breaking down the words, the teachers can train the children to assemble and break down the sounds that make up the word.
  1. Learning spell new tricky words:
    The English language has certain tricky words that do not fit into the rules of phonics. Students are taught to read such
    words as exceptions in the Jolly Phonics course in Mumbai. These include the words with irregular sounds such as “who” and “I”. Exposing the children to these tricky words in the early stages of education allows them to get more and more comfortable while using them.

Jolly Phonics is a program that gives every child the space to learn at their own pace. It is the only way of teaching the
English language that grows with your children. This approach to teaching the English language has been proven to be
highly effective time and again. This is precisely why India’s most trusted educational Institute, National Academy not
only supports but also uses jolly phonics in its English literacy program.

5 Reasons Why Being a Montessori Teacher is an Excellent Career Choice

In recent years, there has been an increase in the demand for Montessori teacher training. A trend is slowly but gradually forming in which parents prefer to send their children to Montessori schools rather than traditional public institutions. Your duty as a person working in this area is to mould the citizens of tomorrow when their brains are the most susceptible. Montessori education is all about engaging children in productive and meaningful ways while catering to your love for teaching.

Working with today’s children as a Montessori teacher gives you the chance to change tomorrow. It is the type of work that will involve you on a deep level and give you a career that you will like. You spend many hours preparing your classrooms, your presentations, and yourself as a Montessori teacher. And all of your hard work will pay off handsomely.

  1. Build your career: A job as a Montessori teacher does not imply that you will be stuck in one place for the rest of your life. You might attain the position of head teacher of the institution if you start your career here. You can also be someone other than a teacher. You can work as a Montessori teacher or with some experience, also as a Principal of the institution you select, if you have a degree from an online teacher training programme. Have you ever fantasised of opening your own preschool for the little ones? With Montessori teacher training, you can make that goal a reality as well.
  1. High demand of Montessori teachers: With an increasing number of parents choosing Montessori schools for their children, the need for qualified Montessori teachers is at an all-time high. Montessori schools, both public and private, are rapidly expanding in number in nearly every country on the planet. So, you can see how all of these schools would require qualified teachers. So, if you have a recognised degree in teacher training, especially for Montessori children, your chances of being hired are much better. What’s more? Some schools will hire you and pay for your training.
  1. Satisfying job: You do not simply teach from the textbook after you have completed a Montessori training course online. Instead, you must be imaginative, innovative, and empathetic while dealing with students who have various levels of learning ability. You mould the brains of the youngsters as you educate them, see them learn and grow, and finally you contribute to the community’s growth. What could be more rewarding than witnessing the youngsters you educated in their formative years achieve new heights. You are one of the few people who has reached the pinnacle of personal development.
  1. Makes you financially secure: Montessori education will undoubtedly offer you with this at an acceptable pace. The average income varies per institution, but at the end of the day, it is sufficient to maintain a comfortable living. The scarcity of qualified teachers in Montessori sections has turned out to be a blessing disguised as a problem. Because of the scarcity, existing instructors are being paid more. As your job progresses, your money flow grows as well. If you have a child who is the right age to attend a Montessori school and you are a Montessori teacher, you can only enrol your child in that school.
  1. Furthermore, the lesson plans are tailored to unique needs in terms of learning speed, capacity to focus on a single task for an extended period of time, and so on. It is your responsibility as a teacher to instil in the students an enthusiasm for learning. Memorising what has been taught and doing well on tests are not the focus of the Montessori teaching approach. Instead, it focuses on students discovering new nooks and corners.

These are the top five reasons why a Montessori teacher is an excellent career choice. So, get yourself enrolled into the best online Montessori teacher training without any delay.

There are many academies that offer Montessori teacher training online. One of the best institutes to provide Montessori training courses online is National Academy. The course is well designed to cover both the theoretical and practical aspects.

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