Vedic Maths Online Classes and Certified Course

About the Course

A 9-month intensive programme that gives your child easy and simple methods to do Mathematical calculations using ancient Vedas that has 16 sutras and 13 sub sutras

Developing an interest in mathematical calculations increases the child’s mental agility and ability to perform complex calculations. We believe in teaching our children mathematical accuracy, concentration power, observation power, memory power, self-esteem, confidence and mental ability using simple and easy techniques.

There are several benefits of achieving a Vedic Maths online certified course, such as enabling the child to perform well in mathematics, save time when solving arithmetic problems, enjoy mathematical issues, improve mental maths, boost self-respect and other abilities. As a bonus, Vedic maths sharpens the child’s observation, concentration and memory as well.

Over time, parents will notice that their child performs better in other subjects as well.

Why Vedic Maths for kids online?

  • Promotes easy calculation
    The child solves fundamental mathematical problems such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with sixteen sutras and thirteen sub-sutras.
  • Develops multiple interests
    Improves the child’s interest in mathematics, creativity, problem-solving, memory power, calculation, mental mathematics, spirituality, confidence.
  • Easy
    Compared to traditional mathematics, the child finds Vedic Maths to be a simple, organic, and direct method that inculcates a love for mathematics.
  • Promotes personal development
    Equally beneficial for quick and slow learners alike, as mathematics is a subject that students generally fear.

What are the methodologies for Vedic Maths online classes?

Our experienced teachers pay individual attention to each child, regardless of their learning speed. With Vedic maths, children would be able to solve complex problems, promote creativity, understand the subject, and develop holistically using specific techniques.

Vedic Maths includes sixteen Sutras or word formulae, which help children easily find answers to their problems in their mathematics examinations and score high marks.


  • Helps in fast calculations.

  • Increases mental agility and intelligence.

  • Reduces phobia of Mathematics and creates interest in the subject.

  • Enhance confidence and concentration.

Age Groups

KIDS – 8-10 years

TEENS – 11-13 years

Course Outline


Understanding Concepts and applying Vedic math

Basic Advanced
Addition Basic+
Subtraction Divisibility rules
Multiplication Tables Percentages
Multiplication Squares
Division Square roots
Magic Squares Cubes
Cube roots

Mastering complex Math concepts with Vedic math

Basic Advanced
Addition Basic+
Subtraction Squares
Multiplication Tables Square roots
Multiplication Cubes
Division Cube roots
Magic Squares Decimals
Auxiliary Fractions
Divisibility rules
Power of 4
Algebraic Expressions
Simple Equations
Pythagoras Theorem
For Kids: For Teens:
Basic Advanced Basic Advanced
No of Classes 32 72 32 72
Duration 4 months 9 months 4 months 9 months
Frequency Twice a week Twice a week Twice a week Twice a week
Total Fees Rs. 10000 Rs. 22500 Rs. 10000 Rs. 22500
Monthly Fees Rs. 2500* 4 Rs. 2500* 9 Rs. 2500* 4 Rs. 2500* 9

Take Away

  • Study material

  • Certificate

  • Bank of Math Knowledge.