7 Best Montessori Practices to Follow in Developing Concentration

Concentration is the pillar of learning. Whether you are cooking, solving a mathematical equation, or playing chess, a certain amount of attention is required. The base of concentration needs to be established in a child from his/her very first school. Montessori is the place where a child can adopt different methods to develop his/her concentration. Montessori children get the opportunity to do their tasks without any disruption, which helps in the growth of their attention. Montessori training encourages children to complete their learning process through a lot of practices.

With that ongoing repetition, we have given here some classroom activities and games that can build concentration within the children.

1. Building Games:

Any building game is a high activity to keep the children focused. All they need is concentration, whether they are making a tower with cards or making building blocks with different shapes and colors. Montessori is the ground level that will set the base of attention in the children. Sometimes you can assign your children group activities to make them learn how to work as a team.

2. Memory Games:

Memory games are one of the best activities to develop concentration among children. For this, you can use some bright colored cards with pictures. First, the students will see the cards with the utmost focus, and then you can ask questions about the cards to see how much they remember, which will prove how much were they concentrating.

3. Puzzle Games:

Puzzle games are trendy not only among children but also in aged people. There is a vast collection of puzzle games that are available which caters to different age groups. It would be best if you choose suitable games for Montessori kids. Rubik cube is one such game that is engaging and challenging at the same time. This is one of the quite popular games to develop their concentration.

4. Timed Activities:

Timed activities are another way to improve concentration in children. For example, you write as many words as you can on the board. Then give each student a minute and check for the number of words they can copy in that timeframe. If a child’s concentration power is right, then at a glance, he/she can remember 2-3 words to write.

5. Left-Hand Exercises:

According to a study, left-hand activities can increase your focus because you don’t use the left hand for most of your work. So, you can make children practice the letters and the numbers with the left side. While writing with the left hand, they will be focusing on making their writing readable, and automatically they will develop their concentration.

6. Drawing:

Drawing is a fun activity, but it can also help the children to focus on their work. You can draw an object like a bird, a fruit, or a vegetable on the board and tell the children to copy it. This activity can be fun, engaging, and will also require an enhanced level of concentration.

7. Meditation:

Meditation is the best way for increasing concentration. Besides concentration, it will also help the children to be calm. So, each day, you can have a meditation session for 5 minutes.

When your objective is to develop concentration in children, try to maximize hands-on activities instead of digital ones. To encourage your children, you can also give a token of appreciation to the winner. It will boost the other kids to do well in further activities.

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