Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education

ECCE / ECCEd Course Mumbai

About the Course

The ECCEd course online aims to acquaint a trainee teacher with the fundamentals of child development in the early years, 0-6 years. It provides theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding of principles of early childhood education, based on child development. It will enable student teachers to acquire attitudes, skills, insights and techniques necessary to deal with pre-school children.

Online ecce course in Mumbai will inculcate modern teaching practices to develop competencies and confidence to engage the internet generation of learners. Specially designed for professionals, you will learn advanced skills that will be essential to succeed in your teaching career.

Early childhood care and education are designed to promote the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development of children from infancy to age five. We follow a child-centered approach, recognizing that each child is unique and learns in their own way. We are committed to continuous improvement and staying up to date with the latest research and best practices in early childhood care and education.

To discover more about our early childhood care and education programmes, our methodology, and the welcoming community we have created, we welcome you to learn more about ECCEd.

For Whom

The ECCEd course online can be undertaken by :

  • Budding Edupreneurs who run or intend to start their own preschool

  • Teachers need to supplement their practical knowledge with the relevant theory that helps them understand the mechanics of their job better.

  • Homemakers who desire to enhance their parenting skills

  • College-Going Students who aspire to gain professional qualification

  • Mid Career Professionals seeking a change in profession


12th Pass


1 Year

Frequency of Sessions

  • Regular Batch – Thrice a week

  • Weekend Batch – Once a week

Mode of Learning

Offline / Live Online

Course Content

T1 - Introduction to Early Child Care and developmental domains P1 - Stories, Rhymes and Puppets
T2 - Application of various theories in current education framework P2 - Readiness Journal + Worksheets
T3 - Planning, Assessment and Maintaining records P3 - Teaching Aids
T4 - Nutrition, Health and Safety P4 – Demos
T5 - Behavioural and Learning difficulties in children P5 - Internship / Presentation skills

Career Opportunities

The course prepares the students to pursue career as

  • Teacher in preschool/primary (till grade 2)

  • Day care facilitator

  • Academic coordinator

  • Curriculum planner

  • Educational Manager

  • Academic Consultant

Course Benefits

  • Flexible working schedules with public holidays & vacations.

  • Option of working either full time or part time

  • Attain monetary benefits by working in international schools.

  • Enhances parenting skills& helps in understanding child better.

Letter of Appreciation Recruiters


EECE courses can be taken up by college-going students, graduates, budding edupreneurs, teachers as well as home makers. Anybody above the age of 18 with the passion to teach and embark on wisdom can take this course.
The ECCEd course online by National academy aims to equip the learners with the fundamentals of child development. This course uses theoretical as well as practical knowledge to decipher the principles of early childhood education.
ECCEd Course diploma in early childhood care and education is a course that lasts for one year. People who have passed the 12th grade are eligible for this course. This one-year programme from National academy will train the learners on all the necessary skills to train young minds.
Taking up the online ECCE course in Mumbai helps the learners to enhance their parenting skills and understand how a child’s mind functions. They can also attain monetary benefits by working in international schools. Along with this, learners can enjoy a profession that enables flexible working schedules, public holidays and vacations and options of working either full-time or part-time.
Yes. Apart from teaching in preschools, there are numerous career opportunities for people with professional training in ECCEd courses online. Some of these include Daycare facilitator, academic coordinator, curriculum planner, educational Manager, and academic Consultant.
The goal of the Diploma in early childhood care and education is to train teachers to help children develop essential social, emotional, cognitive, and physical capabilities required to build a strong foundation for lifelong learning. A well-designed ECCEd Course curriculum can help you develop the necessary teaching skills, and theoretical knowledge required while working with young children on a daily basis. It also helps you develop a compassionate teaching approach and positive attitude towards young children as well as implement collaborative learning processes for young students. After successfully completing the ECCEd course Mumbai, you can actively manage and organize childcare centers such as preschool, nursery schools, daycare centers, and kindergarten as well.
The ECCEd Course can provide you with stable employment as well as an opportunity to nurture responsible future citizens. In the ECCEd Course, you acquire certain core skills required while teaching and interacting with young children. The course empowers you with in-demand ECCEd teaching competency which includes the ability to teach children how to identify unique colours and shades, write letters in alphabetical order, as well as create new meaning words. Additionally, it teaches you how to organize physical activities and challenging exercises that can help children develop the necessary cognitive capabilities required for lifelong learning.
The Ecced course online is essential for teachers because it supplements teachers’ existing practical knowledge with the relevant theoretical understanding that helps them perform their teaching role productively and effectively. On top of that, the Online ECCEd course in Mumbai offered by National Academy teaches you how to provide a learning environment to young children. Such a learning environment should be emotionally secure and supportive especially where young students can foster. The course also helps you develop young children’s cognitive capabilities by encouraging them to participate in physical activities, intellectually stimulating challenges, and social interactions.
The online ecce course in Mumbai provides teachers with in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical skills which are related to the crucial aspects of pre-school education. This course also helps develop compassion and sensitivity towards children as well as equip you with an understanding of the behavioral development patterns of young children. More than that, the ECCEd course provides you with the opportunity to nurture future responsible citizens by impacting young children’s lives in a positive manner in present. This is one of the biggest reasons why most teachers prefer to enroll in the National Academy’s ECCEd course online.