Jolly Phonics: An Effective Strategy for Enhancing Children’s Proficiency

Jolly Phonics is believed to be one of the most popular and effective strategies for enhancing children’s proficiency in reading and writing independently. Jolly phonics training in Mumbai offers the best support to teachers who are willing to follow the career of Montessori teachers. Finding an effective way to improve children’s English literacy is a challenging task, but with Jolly Phonics, it is now possible. Jolly Phonics is specially developed for children and beginners who are willing to develop their reading and literacy skills. Below we will be discussing the techniques used by teachers to teach children, Jolly Phonics.

Learning the Letter Sound:

In this technique, the teachers first introduce children to the 42 letter sounds, consisting of alphabet sounds and digraphs. Each day children are taught a single sound so that they can learn at their own pace. The online jolly phonics training course for teachers is very beneficial as they train teachers to learn and teach Jolly Phonics to children properly. To keep the learning exciting and engaging, there are storylines and sound sheets for each sound.

Learning Letter Formation:

In this, the teachers use various multi-sensory methods to teach children how to form and write letters. With the Jolly Phonics course, Mumbai, teachers are trained to learn new words and letters each day, which is remarkable. It starts with children forming the letters in the air and then gradually learning how to write them. The teacher is also responsible for teaching the child how to hold the pencil so that they can write and learn simultaneously.


In this strategy undertaken by teachers, the children are taught how to blend the sounds to read and write new words quickly. The teacher’s aim should be to make the children hear the word when the teachers make the sound. This lesson is taught to children in the initial stages to have a good hold on the language. Once children can identify the words from the sound, they can blend letters to form a word quickly. Jolly Phonics training in Mumbai offers the best support and guidance, which is remarkable.

Identifying Sound in Words:

If you want your children to improve their spelling skills, they need to identify the words from sounds. The art of identifying the sounds in each word gives children an upper hand and better command over their English language skills.

Tricky Words:

Tricky words have irregular spellings which is why it is taught at the last stage. Once the children can identify simple words, they are taught how to spell tricky words. There are tricks which when applied, can help identify and spell tricky words. These three tricks include identifying the words, saying the word as it sounds, and mnemonics.


Jolly Phonics is a proven method of teaching children the English language in the proper manner. Jolly Phonics helps children learn new words, their meaning, and pronunciation for best results. It is advised that teachers opt for an online course for Jolly Phonics if they are looking forward to teaching children. Jolly Phonics is a proven method that is an effective strategy for enhancing children’s reading and writing proficiency.

5 Facts You Need To Know About Jolly Phonics

Phonetics is a study of natural sounds of human speech, concerned with the physical properties of speech sounds, physiological production process, auditory reception, perception, and representation by written symbols.

Besides interpersonal or business communication, phonetics is becoming a vital part of education in lower grades. Phonetics that has been a part of the higher grades are being introduced to younger students through Jolly Phonics.

What is Jolly Phonics?

Jolly Phonics is an approach focusing on teaching literacy through synthetic phonics to children. With actions for each of the 42 letter sounds, the multisensory method motivates the children and the teachers and also ensures an achievable level of comprehension. The letter sounds are divided into seven groups.

What Is A Letter Sound?

Traditionally, children are more familiar with the letter names. However, the sounds of these letters will eventually help them read a word independently. The sounds are taught in a specific order and not alphabetically. It is also known as letter-sound order. It enables children to build words quickly.

How Does Jolly Phonics Work?

Using a synthetic phonics method, Jolly Phonics teaches children the five essential skills of reading and writing. Training them with proper pronunciation of letters/words at a young age builds a strong foundation; hence, Jolly Phonics training in Mumbai and many other parts of India, is gaining popularity among parents and teachers.

Besides the advantages, there are FIVE facts about Jolly Phonics, which we should know. We would term them as facts and skills because the skills taught through Jolly Phonics are helpful for children to speak and write.

Here they are.

Letter Sounds:

Children are taught the 42 sounds of English in the Jolly Phonics order mentioned below.
s a t i p n
ck e h r m d
g o u l f b
ai j oaieee or
z w ng v oooo
y x chshthth
Teachers use a multisensory approach to introduce children to the letter sounds.

Letter Formation:

After introducing letters sounds, children are taught how to form each letter correctly. Initially, children form letters in the air, and after practicing each letter, children learn to write letters using a pencil.


Blending individual letters is the next step once children have learned the sounds. For example, t + i + n = tin. Blending practice helps reading fluency.


Further, children are taught how to hear the individual sounds in full words to break them down to write and spell them correctly. For example, h + e + n = hen.

Tricky Words:

Since some words do not follow sound rules – Jolly Phonics introduces children to identify, remember, and write tricky words. For example, he or she.

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