Online Public Speaking Classes and Course for Kids


Empower your child to overcome the fear of speaking in front of a crowd and experience them speak confidently in our captive project event.

Developing and strengthening your child’s public speaking skills with speech fluency and grammatical accuracy heightens their confidence. Our public speaking classes encourage children to influence decisions, form essential connections and motivate change through a powerful language. Though a critical skill to have, most of us do not have our thoughts and words in place when we are on stage. Some children are born leaders, while others fear the stage presence.

With our online public speaking course for kids, you would notice that your child has developed their communication skills, plans their words before speaking, and sharpened their persuasion power. As a result, there is a drastic change in their academic improvement, public performance, coherent expression, listening skills, self-confidence and organisational skills. It is also proven that children trained in public speaking are better at extempore, quizzes, theatrics and debates – all of which are essential skills to be included in a CV.

Why public speaking classes for kids?

  • Promotes self-confidence and personal development
    Once children are skilled in public speaking, they know that they have something valuable to share with the world. This heightens their ability to speak on stage, coherently put their points, gain self-esteem and enjoy a higher quality of life.
  • Improves communication skills
    Public speaking is closely connected to communication skills, as it involves interacting with the public and translating ideas into words. Today, children must be competitive to achieve their professional and personal goals. They must learn persuading skills to gain their objectives, especially when communicating with a senior person. Once the child develops public speaking skills, you will find that the child learns to put together aesthetically constructed sentences that impress audiences and add value to their lives.
  • Promotes spontaneous speaking skills
    Especially helpful in extempore and debates, children must be creative and spontaneous when addressing their audience or an unknown group of people. It is observed that people well-versed in public speaking show excellent academic excellence and personal development.
    Takeaway: As a special gift, students shall receive the soft copy of our carefully curated content guide that contains all the magic tricks of the art of public speaking. They will also receive a grand opportunity to speak at Speakathon, our annual event comprising the future orators of the country.

What are the methodologies for public speaking classes for kids online?

We prepare the children by assisting them in writing and delivering a speech, overcoming stage fear, surmounting stranger anxiety and becoming a certified public speaker.


  • Write and deliver a speech

  • Surmount stage fear

  • Overcome stranger anxiety

  • Become a certified Public Speaker

Age Group

9 – 15 years

Course Duration

4 months

Frequency Of Session

Twice in a week

Number Of Classes


Fee Structure

Total Fee Break up
Rs. 10,800 Rs. 2700 x 4 months

Course Stages and Topics

Preparatory Stage -

Prepare yourself mentally and brace yourself with all the required skills and traits
Constructional Stage –

Plan, structure and organise your content to ensure seamless delivery
Oratory Stage -

Apply all the components of an effective speech and transform into an impactful orator
TOPICS Setting intention and organised thinking Analysing audience needs Captivating the audience
Building vocabulary Profiling the audience Citations and quotes
Structuring and segmenting your sentences Shifting of mind track Rhythm of speech
Listening skills Choosing the appropriate topics Silence and pauses
Setting the right tonality Outlining the core Intonated vs Realistic delivery
Articulating Preparing aids Probing and audience engagement
Body language Sourcing and resourcing Persuasive speech
Building confidence in front of the crowd Importance of OER Need for breaks
Physical and mental relaxation Mental mapping Acceptance and acknowledgement
Backup planning Be pleasantly audacious
Setting the right duration Dealing with attacking and complex questions
Memorable speech writing Speech closure
Rehearsals and techniques
Preparing for Q and A  

Take Away

  • Content guide – soft copy

  • Certificate


A grand opportunity to stage the students where they will perform live in our annual SPEAKATHON event.