Online Spoken English Classes and Course for Kids


The programme aims to strengthen your child’s spoken English skills with a perfect blend of grammatical accuracy and speech fluency. This course sets a strong foundation to heighten the level of confidence while communicating in English.

English is a global language, and children are expected to have excellent reading, writing and speaking skills. However, non-native English speakers often have issues mastering their spoken English, which makes them self-conscious when with their peers, at school, college or work. As children grow older, they begin to gain fluency in their talking, vocabulary, sentence formation and pronunciation. With expert spoken English skills, children learn fluency.

Social skills and language skills are essential, mainly when children apply to foreign universities. With expertise in our skills and experiences, children must grasp the meaning of a word, phrase, sentence, and usage in our day-to-day lives. Children enjoy individual activities and group activities, which builds their fluency, vocabulary, confidence and accuracy.

Why English speaking classes for kids?

  • Confidence with the English speaking skills
    The programme aims to strengthen your child’s spoken English skills with fluency and without spelling and grammatical errors. When done right, our experts set a sound foundation for the child, heightening their confidence as they converse with the outside world.
  • Bridges the gap between comprehension and speaking
    Though most Indian students are comfortable with English writing, they are not comfortable speaking the language due to lack of practice. Most of them belong to bilingual or trilingual families, which further takes them away from the beauty of the English language.
  • Become a fluent English speaker
    Once your child becomes a fluent English speaker, you will notice a drastic change in their confidence and self-esteem as they talk to their friends, participate in extempore, prepare scripts for plays and so on. It is also believed that children who are better English speakers are readily accepted into Indian or foreign universities due to their ability to hold a conversation in English.
  • Build a powerful vocabulary
    With time, your child will learn new words. With spoken English classes, they appreciate the different meanings between words, which synonyms to use in which context and how to express themselves using the appropriate language. This, in turn, reduces the child’s shyness to speak in English and develops their personality.

What are the methodologies for English speaking course for kids?

For our course, we use a Question-based Learning (QBL) method that consists of a series of questions, the responses of which are analysed. Over time, the teachers work with the students to develop their proficiency in spoken English.

Who should join our online spoken English classes for kids?

Enrol your child in our English speaking course if they do not speak fluent or correct English, want to be conversant with grammar, acquire an excellent vocabulary and the confidence to speak in English.


  1. Get comfortable and confident with the language

  2. Bridge the gap between comprehension and speaking

  3. Become a fluent speaker

  4. Build a powerful vocabulary

  5. Enhance Personality

  6. Overcome shyness to speak


9 – 15 years


9 months


Twice a week for an hour

Join us if Your Child

  • Speaks in English but not appropriately

  • Understands English, but hesitates to speak

  • Wishes to get conversant with grammar

  • Desires to have an excellent vocabulary

  • Wants to become extremely confident while speaking

Number of Classes



Our QBL (Question Based Learning) model has a series of questions that steer the students’ responses and make them increasingly proficient and fluent in English.

Course Segments

SYNCHRONOUS LEARNING Class concepts / Speaking (QBL)
BLENDED LEARNING Guided vocabulary

Course Content


  • Greet, respond and signoff accurately
  • Make a request politely
  • Express gratitude and acknowledgement
  • Place a command without being offensive
  • Accept a request, idea or a command
  • Reject an idea, request or a command affirmatively
  • Voice out probability with assurance


  • Verbs and Verb phrases
  • Preposition and phrases
  • Situation based communication


  • Grammatical person
  • Verb conjugation
  • Tenses
  • Articulation of complex pronunciation
  • Constructing sentences
  • Framing questions


  • Syllable and stresses
  • Word and stresses
  • Indianisms
  • Contractions
  • Commonly mispronounced words
  • Telephonic communication
  • Verbal nods
  • Shortening sentences
  • One word expressions
PTM will be conducted on completion of each stage

Fee Structure

Total Fee Break up
Rs. 21,600 Rs. 2400 x 9 months

Take Away

  • Content guide - Soft copy
  • Certificate