Certificate In The Art Of Story Telling

The Art Of Story Telling

About Us

Storytelling is the art through which the learner can come to understand the larger effect that their actions have or will have on others. Even the most effective communicators sometimes struggle with blending storytelling into their larger persuasive skills. In this storytelling course for teachers, you will inculcate unique storytelling skills that are engaging and motivating. The best storytelling courses will teach you the foundational knowledge of the ability to identify, develop, and deliver engaging stories in professional contexts.

To tell stories that matter, you need to bring your unique personal perspective to the table. The storytelling course for teachers is a starting point to learn the art of storytelling by:

  • Finding certainty in the story you want to share

  • Tapping into your motivation of why you wish to share it, and

  • Learning how to best shape the story to aspire and initiate change.

Aim of the course

Captivate the children’s attention with a story and enhance your teaching methods multi folds. A story can make every topic interesting and easy to comprehend. Become a certified story teller and add uniqueness to your teaching style

Children love listening to stories, whether it is story time in the classroom or fairy tales before bedtime. Stories teach us lessons that are integral in life and are commonly told by family members and school teachers. They help students develop respect, understanding and appreciation for moral values, different cultures and history.

Fairy tales allow younger children to explore their culture, diverse cultures, to empathise with people from all over the world, gain insights into other traditions, understand humanity, consider new ideas, enjoy universal life experiences and reveal the similarities and differences in global culture.

Over time, storytelling encourages well-being, relaxation, willingness in communication, active participation, verbal proficiency, creativity, imagination, cooperation between students and learning skills.

What are the objectives of the storytelling course for teachers?

  • Become a certified storytelling
    The best storytelling courses require mastery over several components: plot, character, theme, dialogue, melody, décor and spectacle. When teachers undergo a storytelling course, they are trained to modulate their voice, tone and sentence structure to engage their young students instantly.
  • Additional skills as an educator, public speaker and edupreneur
    When you are a teacher, you are expected to have multiple skills. Since our storytelling classes polish your expression, body language and voice modulation, you can express yourself better if you choose a different career in the future.
  • Teach students creativity and imagination
    Children do not enjoy monotonous reading, so you can implement your storytelling skills to make it an enjoyable and engaging session. In turn, this will develop their cognitive thinking and critical thinking skills.
  • Enjoy a second career
    As mentioned above, teachers with storytelling skills can open their storytelling classes, which are in great demand in activity centres, children’s daycare and events.

What are the methodologies for storytelling course online?

If you are a schoolteacher, you will enjoy the beauty of storytelling with your children. Storytelling makes teaching more engaging, exciting and impactful. At National Academy, we include the following topics in our storytelling course online syllabus:

  • Theory of storytelling
  • Importance of stories
  • Story-weaving and its types
  • Teaching aids with storytelling
  • Abstract storytelling
  • Enactment of stories
  • Developing expressions, voice modulation and body language

Who should join our best storytelling courses?

The Storytelling course for teachers is open to teachers, educational trainees, families, edupreneurs and those who want to pursue a career in storytelling.


  • Become a certified storyteller

  • Acquire an additional skill as an Educator, Public speaker, Edupreneur

  • Build vocabulary in children

  • Make your students more imaginative and expressive

  • Enhance cognitive skills and critical thinking

  • Transit from monotonous to more engaging sessions

Course Content

  • Theory of storytelling

  • Importance of stories

  • Story weaving

  • Types of stories with weaving

  • Varieties of teaching aids

  • Abstract story telling

  • Enactment of stories

  • Learning Key skills of a good storyteller:

    • Expressions

    • Voice modulation

    • Body language

For Whom

Practicing teachers, trainees, parents, grandparents, edupreneurs, special educator, counsellor and anybody who wants to bring out the storyteller in them, people looking for a career as a story performer and YOU


18 hours

Career Opportunities

  • You can start your own storytelling classes

  • Very high paying part time job

  • Storytellers are in demand at activity centres and events

Take Away

  • Notes

  • Complimentary - Basics of Puppet Dramatization

  • Certificate