Pre-primary Teachers' Training Course (PPTTC)

Diploma in Pre-Primary Teacher Training

About the Course

The program aims to acquaint trainee teachers to acquire the attitudes, skills, insights & techniques necessary to deal with the pre-school children

Course Content


  • Principle of Early Childhood Education

  • Child Development

  • Methods & Materials for Working with Young Children.

  • Health & Nutrition

  • Issues & Concerns Related to Early Childhood Education


Creative and craft

Readiness journal

Puppets and activities



Lesson plans and demos

Workshops and Webinars

  • Phonics
  • Story telling
  • CV making
  • Facing interviews
  • Personality grooming
  • Curriculum development
  • Bloom’s taxonomy
  • Classroom engagement
  • Virtual pedagogy
  • Special education and upcoming opportunities
  • Concerns faced by children and management strategies


10th Pass


1 Year

Career Opportunities

Our students have found rewarding careers and are working in well known pre-schools and day care centers as early childhood educator, in management positions and as consultants. The placement record over the years has been excellent.

Many of our students are successfully running their own preschool & nursery.

Benefits of Diploma in Teacher Training Course

  • Enhanced Teaching Skills: The teacher training course in Mumbai offered by National Academy equips educators with the knowledge and techniques to improve their teaching skills.
  • Practical Teaching Experience: Participants gain valuable teaching experience through hands-on activities and classroom observations, preparing them for real-world teaching scenarios.
  • Updated Pedagogical Approaches: The course introduces teachers to modern pedagogical approaches, enabling them to incorporate innovative and effective teaching methods into their classrooms.
  • Subject-Specific Expertise: Teachers receive subject-specific training, ensuring they have in-depth knowledge of their respective subjects and can deliver comprehensive lessons.
  • Professional Development: The teacher training course promotes continuous professional development, allowing educators to stay updated with the latest educational trends and advancements.
  • Networking Opportunities: Participants can network and collaborate with fellow educators, fostering a supportive community of like-minded professionals.
Letter of Appreciation Recruiters


It is never too late to become a teacher. Anybody above the age of 18 is eligible to apply for the Pre-Primary Teacher Training Course and online teacher training courses at the National academy. After the completion of this course, the teachers will be responsible for training children between 2-12 years of age.
Candidates with a diploma in teacher training can become early childhood teachers, early head start teachers, nursery school teachers, nursery teachers and pre-K teachers.
Professional pre-primary teacher training course online from National Academy lasts for a duration of 1 year.
With a diploma in preschool online teacher training courses, candidates can build rewarding careers, work in prestigious pre-schools, daycare centres and even run their own pre-school and nursery.
To apply for a Teacher Training Course in Mumbai at the National Academy, all you need is a 10th pass certificate. All the other necessary skills that you will need as a part of your job will be taught for the duration of the online NTT course.
National Academy’s Pre-primary teacher training course curriculum includes the principle of early childhood education, child development, health, and nutrition, and others that equip you with in-depth theoretical understanding. Besides that, you are also involved in practical activities such as creative crafts, rhymes, puppet dramatisation etc., and educational workshops such as classroom engagement sessions, storytelling, phonics, etc. Not only that, you also learn other soft skills and hard skills such as patience, classroom management, communication skills, teamwork, planning, and designing learning materials in the Teacher training course in Mumbai.
Opting for a diploma in teacher training program helps you get equipped with the latest teaching methodologies and techniques that are being actively researched all across the education industry and are successfully being implemented by the practicing teachers in the classroom settings. Such a Teacher training Mumbai program provides you with an edge when compared to other aspiring teachers. The goal of a Pre-primary teacher training course is to raise the degree of competency, especially in aspiring teachers like you by helping you develop necessary skills that can boost your professional careers in an educationally certified manner
The biggest benefit of an Online Grammar Teachers' Training Course training course for teachers is that it helps them teach grammar, punctuation, and spelling in a strict systematic manner to their students. More than that, it enables teachers to streamline their grammar teaching process that improves children's understanding of the subject. Such an organized approach also brings diversity to students writing process as well as improves their spelling. A diverse range of language forms that includes the part of speech, plurals, punctuation, tenses, etc. is exclusively taught in the Grammar Teachers' Training Course course.
The online Grammar Teachers' Training Course training course for teachers offered by the National Academy can be enrolled online and can be taken in the comfort, and convenience of your home. Prior to enrolling, you can refer to in-depth course curriculum and training-related content including teaching methodology and duration of the course on the website. The course is filled with interactive content that enhances your learning experience and also helps build a better understanding of the course content. After successfully completing your course, you will be awarded a certificate from National Academy for your relentless efforts and hard work.
The one-year online teacher training course offered by National Academy is the most recommended route to becoming a certified preschool teacher. Most schools and preschools consider Online teacher training courses with certificates as a mandatory requirement for applications. More than that, being a preschool teacher comes with beautiful experiences whether it’s rambunctious greetings from your young children or the happy look on the children’s faces as they master new skillsets and abilities. Such experiences make your day
Managing young children is of immense responsibility and making sure they thrive in a safe learning environment is also important. Such roles and responsibilities are thoroughly taught when you attend the National Academy’s online teacher training program. There are various other types of responsibilities that qualified preschool teachers need to perform. Such responsibilities include maintaining an open line of communication with students’ parents and providing them with appropriate information related to the student’s performance. Preschool teachers are also expected to evaluate students’ academic growth as well as keep appropriate records and prepare academic progress reports. Constant monitoring of children’s interaction and children’s behavior as well as nurturing them are a few of the teachers' responsibilities.
Within the last few years, the educational approach has transformed from old conventional methodologies to the modern holistic learning experience. Such shifts demand a fair amount of knowledge in a diverse range of fields. The Nursery teacher training online program offered by the National Academy helps you to nurture your existing skills and knowledge as well as learn new skills in order to embrace the changing scenarios in the field of education. More than that, the course also helps you stay updated with the latest methods of teaching and process employed by certified teachers in the classroom environment.
The aim of a Nursery teacher training course online is to help (pre-primary) aspiring teachers to update their existing skills and to adopt the changing educational landscape in a convenient manner. After completing the course, you will have a good grasp of the prevalent holistic teaching methodologies, a better understanding of child educational development, knowledge of nursery level subjects, and communication skills which are a few of the major benefits of the course. The other benefits of opting for this course include improved educational skills and technical knowledge as well as enhanced overall organization and time management skills.