Certificate In Learning Disability

Learning Disability Courses

About the Course

Special education teacher’s responsibilities include setting learning goals for each student, assess their progress, and record their evaluations over time. Our online courses for special education certification train the candidates to design and implement lessons geared towards the individual needs and capabilities of the students under their supervision. Special education training online can be taken up by teachers in the preschool, elementary, middle, and high school levels. This career requires education, training and sometimes certification. The learning disabilities certificate online trains the teachers for skills specific to special education teachers, including empathy, patience, and organization. Faculties with certificates in learning disabilities must accurately assess students' progress and adjust lessons to their needs. Special education teachers in public schools need at least a bachelor’s degree or need to go through a special education course online. Some teachers receive a bachelor’s degree specifically in education, or even special education.

Aims & Objectives

  • To appreciate needs of children with special education needs in a classroom.

  • To develop the skills required to work effectively with the children with special needs in an inclusive setup.

  • To create awareness and sensitize the community regarding children with special needs.

Course Content


Paper- I : Introduction to Special Education and Learning Disability.

This paper enables to understand different concepts, trends and issues that challenge special education and recognize the associated conditions of LD.

Paper- II : Development Psychology and Education Psychology.

This paper enables to understand the nature of human growth and development & importance of psychological processes in learning. The paper also primes a student to the assessment procedures of LD.

Paper - III : Remedial / Enhancement Education

This paper trains a teacher to understand the areas and types of curriculum needs that are a challenge to children with LD. The emphasis in this paper is on training a teacher in strategies to be an effective special educator to remediate reading, writing & math areas of core curriculum; comprehension & organization in co-curriculum & social skills in extra-curricular areas.



Remedial Teaching

Teaching-aid preparation

Worksheet Preparation

Case Discussions



For Whom

Course is meant for practicing teachers, professionals in the field of education and mental health and parents aspiring to have deeper insights into LD & associated conditions.


5 Months (once a week for 3 hours on weekends)

Career Opportunities

  • Associate yourself with a special educator / remedial centre and later become independent in providing remediation.
  • Work with NGO's, active in the field of education.
  • Work as a shadow teacher

The course will definitely help parents in becoming sensitive and empowered to handle academic problems of children of their family and their neighbourhood.