About the Course

Jolly Phonics is a 2 year programme conducted with an interesting and multi-sensorial approach that effectively teaches reading, writing, word recognition, comprehension and early spelling skills in a fun and interactive way, specifically designed for young children.


To develop an interest in the English alphabetic code through actions, songs and illustrated books in a step-by-step and multi-sensory manner, we have trained experienced teachers who have qualified for the Phonics Teacher Training Course

Why online phonics classes for kids?

  • Fluency in reading, writing, comprehension, spelling skills and word recognition

    The child communicates better with their peers, teachers and the outside world. Over time, they start reading age-appropriate books, which would open them up to a world of imagination and creativity.
  • Vocabulary-building

    The child learns about different words to be used in different situations, which will gain a competitive advantage in spelling and vocabulary competitions in the future. Furthermore, they will inculcate a love for reading, writing and expressing their emotions using the right words.
  • Comprehension skills

    With developed communication skills, the child understands what they are reading and writing and can construct appropriate and straightforward sentences. Contrary to popular belief, comprehension skills are essential in several languages and fine arts sectors. As they grow older, they can effectively understand, process and communicate mathematical, scientific and social content.
  • Spelling skills

    In the modern world, spelling skills remain crucial to stay ahead in the competitive world. Our faculty teaches the child to spell accurately using phonetics, which helps them write correct words and sentences.
  • Pronunciation

    We all want our children to be expert communicators with fine reading and spelling skills. To achieve that, we use phonetics and other techniques to correct the child’s pronunciation.

What are the methodologies for phonetics course online?

We use different techniques such as flashcards, worksheets, rhymes, stories and activities to teach the child. We believe in an open-ended discussion session for the online phonetics class, where children can express their strengths and weaknesses through their performance.

What does the child learn?

By the end of the course, the child acquires agility in letter formation, separates each sound from a word for accurate pronunciation, masters forty-two letter sounds of the English language, blends the sounds for independent reading and is familiarised with seamless reading


Jolly Phonics helps your child to

  • Accelerate fluency in reading

  • Correct pronunciation

  • Build vocabulary

  • Enhance comprehension skills

  • Spell accurately

Fundamental Skills of Jolly Phonics

  • Mastering the 42 letter sounds of the English language

  • Acquire agility in letter formation

  • Blending the sounds to read independently

  • Segmenting the sounds of a word for spelling correctly

  • Familiarise with the tricky words to read sentences seamlessly


4 – 6 years


9 months (per level)

Frequency Of Sessions

Twice a week for an hour


  • Flash cards

  • Activities

  • Worksheets

  • Stories

  • Rhymes

Course Content

Introducing the 42 letter sounds Consolidating the 42 letter sounds
Blending sounds for word reading Teaching common alternative spellings like “a-e”
Letter formation Capital letters
Segmenting words for spelling Dictation
Vowels and consonants Tricky words
Tricky words From guided writing to independent writing
Role of decodable text Spelling rules
Dictation Digraphs
Formation of simple sentences Soft ‘c’ soft ‘g’ concept
Story reading Magic ‘e’

Take Away

  • Worksheets
  • Certificate