Opportunities Offered by Indian Union Budget 2023 for the Education Sector

In February, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman recently announced the Union Budget 2023. Through the careful allocation of resources essential for delivering top-tier education, the education sector anticipates significant transformative developments. This initiative is poised to unlock a multitude of new prospects for educators, students, and stakeholders within the education industry. 

The education sector expects a big move towards making education inclusive for everyone in the entire country. Keep reading to find out all the different things the budget plans for education. 

Major Changes That Are Going to Be Immensely Beneficial 

The allocated budget is poised to boost substantial improvements in technological aspects across multiple dimensions of the education sector. Its objectives encompass the elevation of teaching standards, the expansion of research infrastructure for aspiring scholars, and the establishment of accessible libraries exclusively devoted to students. The highlights comprise of:   

1. Facilitating Access to Study Materials 

The budget has successfully prompted the establishment of digital libraries at various locations, providing a treasure trove of learning resources for children and adolescents. In addition, physical libraries will be established at the Panchayat level, ensuring access to a wealth of e-learning materials. This initiative not only enriches the learning experience for educators and students but also offers a valuable resource for other teacher training and educational institutions aiming to create better learning environments. 

2. Promoting Regional Languages 

Recognizing the significance of regional languages in education, the government has allocated a substantial portion of the budget to promote their usage. This step aligns with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and aims to enhance conceptual understanding.  

Government publishers, such as the National Book Trust, will supply books in regional languages alongside English. These books will find a home in physical libraries, catering to the diverse linguistic needs of learners. 

3. Pioneering AI Research Centers 

To fulfill the vision of ‘Make AI in India and Make AI work for India,’ Centers of Excellence for AI research will be established in three premier educational institutions and teacher training institutes in Mumbai. These centers will serve as hubs for collaboration between academia and industry partners, fostering interdisciplinary research and development. The budget for education in 2023 underscores the potential of AI across various sectors, including agriculture and healthcare. 

4. PM Kaushal Vikas Yojana 4.0  

A major emphasis of this budget lies in the development of soft skills and other career-relevant competencies among students. They will have the opportunity to acquire skills in coding, robotics, 3D printing, and other essential soft skills to prepare for the global job market. By equipping schools with state-of-the-art classrooms and offering experiential, skill-based courses, this initiative aims to empower students with the skills necessary for success in the modern workforce.  

5. Empowering Educators Through Professional Development  

The budget for education in 2023 focuses on providing substantial support for the professional development of educators. It encompasses innovative pedagogy, curriculum transaction, ICT implementation, and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) surveys. This comprehensive approach ensures that teachers are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to deliver high-quality education in a rapidly evolving world.  

6. Strengthening Tribal Region Schools  

A significant aspect of the budget for education in 2023 is the mass recruitment of teachers within the next three years to improve learning outcomes in tribal schools. These educators will receive training to enhance the education of tribal students. This initiative also aims to establish a robust digital infrastructure in tribal schools, facilitating access to innovative teaching methods and equipping both teachers and students with modern educational tools.  

7. A Unified Indian Digital Platform for Skill Development  

To bridge the gap between job seekers and employers, the education budget 2023 proposes the establishment of a Unified Skill India Digital Platform. This platform will serve as a gateway for job seekers, providing access to various entrepreneurship schemes and opportunities. Recognizing the importance of a digital platform in connecting job seekers with potential employers, it incorporates advanced job placement features and career guidance tools to ensure students are well-prepared for their career journeys beyond the classroom. 

8. World-Class Education and Internationalisation  

The Union Budget 2023 must allocate resources to elevate the status of state and central government universities to international standards, concurrently positioning India as an attractive destination for foreign students. Initiating exchange programs between global educational institutions and Indian universities will greatly benefit students who currently lack opportunities for international exposure. 

The Indian Union Budget 2023 marks the dawn of a promising era and significant progress for the education sector. These forward-thinking initiatives are poised to foster a more inclusive and inventive educational environment in India, promising a brighter future for both students and educators. As we look ahead, we anticipate exponential growth in individuals choosing to engage with the educational sector and invest more time into online teacher training courses

Here at National Academy, we offer a range of diverse teaching courses, each tailored to different teaching methods. With our team of seasoned experts in online teacher training, we are fully equipped to train and empower these ambitious individuals with the essential skill set needed to thrive in their careers. 

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“I had joined National Academy for pursuing my course in Phonics. The course helped me learn the sounds, word formation, syllabification and various approaches while guiding my child. I would really like to thank my teachers for guiding us and helping us with the correct pronunciations ansd concept clarity. I would recommend everyone to join National Academy.”

Rosy Rothangpui Songate

Phonics and pre school teacher

“My experience has been enriching and insightful. I have learnt so much doing the Phonics Teacher Training Course. It was extremely engaging and helped me unleash my creativity. The faculty was so friendly, helpful and patient enough to answer all my queries. I’m so glad to have joined the course as it made me wiser and opened new doors to success.”

Alpa Gedhia

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“Phonics Teacher Training has helped me become a freelance educator for the perfect work life balance.”



“Studying at National Academy was an enriching experience. Through the comprehensive Phonics course, I gained invaluable knowledge and skills that have greatly contributed to my journey. The supportive environment and dedicated teachers made learning enjoyable and effective. The strong foundation laid at National Academy helped me establish Fluffytales Institute successfully. As a thriving entrepreneur, I attribute my success to National Academy.”

Violet Mary Simon

Josabelle Pre-Primary School

“I pursued Phonic Teacher Training course from National Academy. It was a spectacular and overwhelming experience. I especially appreciate the faculty’s exceptional teaching. She was very approachable, supportive and understanding. I will highly recommend National Academy for teachers aspiring to do phonics.”

Marya Rangwala

Remedial teacher
Rising Star Remedial Centre

“Enrolling in the Special Education course at National Academy was a transformative experience. The comprehensive curriculum and practical approach equipped me with the knowledge and skills needed to support individuals with learning disabilities effectively. I highly recommend this program to anyone passionate about making a difference in the lives of those with learning challenges.”

Kelsang Bhutia

Remedial Educator
Shaping Therapies and CRY NGO

“Doing the Special Education course has helped me in getting a job as a remedial educator.
Infact I think I have found my calling here and i have to thank only National Academy for this.
Thank you.”

Mrs Nisha Bhavesh Jain

Mother Teacher and Special Educator,
Royal International School

“I have done my Special Education course from National Academy. The course taught me techniques to provide learning assistance to students with mental and emotional challenges. It has equipped me to connect with children who really need our attention and time. Because of this course I have become more knowledgeable, calm and stable in my work. Thank you.”

Mable Sequeira

Remedial Educator

“Thank you National Academy. The staff and the teachers here are very helpful. I was glad to have completed my course in Special Education under the guidance of such experienced faculty. It has helped me to understand the difficulties faced by Children with special needs..Practical knowledge and theory are given along with assignments. This course has added another feather to my crown. “

Priyanka Lodha

Remedial Educator

“The Special Education course from National Academy has been immensely helpful in improving my understanding of what difficulties some children may be facing and how it can manifest in their behaviour. It teaches the tools and techniques that can help children learn and planning and executing individualised education plans. Whether you want to be a Remedial or an inclusive Educator, this course will help you engage better with the special children. “

Manisha Kariwala

Vocational and Remedial tutor
Urja special school

“I did the Special Education course from National Academy. This course has taught us many remedies and techniques which have been very helpful practically. The course was not only theoretical it was practical based “

Isha Sharma

Primary Teacher
Golden Nest English High School

“I had an outstanding experience, it was great doing a counselling course with National Academy. The faculty’s session was full of life and the approach was always understanding and positive. Thank you National academy for providing such as enriching learning experience”

Suhamam Ketan Surve

Middle School Teacher
Shreeram Vidhyalaya and Junior College

“Enrolling in the counseling course was a transformative experience for me. Through comprehensive modules and expert guidance, I gained valuable insights into human behavior and effective counseling techniques. The course not only equipped me with practical skills but also instilled confidence in my ability to support others through their challenges. I highly recommend it to anyone passionate about making a positive impact on people’s lives.”

Vinaya Gajanan Pendse

Tax Consultant
Money Mentor

“Course contents was really good…from basic level to how to solve case studies….it is real helpful for ordinary person also to understand people and how to deal in different situation”

Chaitaly Nandy

Sacred Heart School

I recently completed an online Counselling course with National Academy, and I must say it exceeded my expectations. The comprehensive curriculum, interactive learning modules, and dedicated support from the staff made my experience truly enriching. I feel equipped with valuable skills and knowledge to embark on my journey as a counselor. Thank you, National Academy, for a rewarding learning experience!

Krishna Kalpesh Sanghrajka

Administration officer

It was a great experience of doing the counselling course. Our maam was so supportive that she brought so many books for us to give us past example while explaining a topic. She also have a link of movies that could relate the children who needed help via counseling. She gave us notes apart from the NA notes which had great information and better understanding.

Dr Jiteeka Thakkar

MBBS DGO DFP DRME ADRM (Germany) Consultant IVF specialist at
BLOOM IVF Lilavati hospital

I have done my Counselling course at National Academy. Its very useful in my routine medical practice . It helps me to better understand my patients and their mindset which is very important for the doctors. I would like to recommend this course to all my friends so it can enrich their knowledge and help them in their day to day practise..

Nabila Khan

College Student

“I have completed my Diploma In Early Child Care Education (ECCEd) from National Academy. It was a great experience. The teaching staff and the non-teaching staff were excellent. The pattern of teaching with live examples was excellent. I am looking forward to working as a teacher after I complete my Graduation.”

Sunaina Paul

Pre-School Teacher
Children’s International Montessori School

“ I want to thank National Academy for giving me this opportunity. I would like to thank my teachers for believing in me by recommending my name. My journey in National Academy was so beautiful that I can never forget.Thank you sir for motivating me. ”

Sonam Kavish Choksi

Oberoi International School

“ Enrolling in ECCEd from National Academy was a game-changer for me. The comprehensive curriculum and hands-on approach equipped me with the skills and confidence needed to excel in the classroom. Highly recommend to anyone passionate about early childhood education. ”

Nazneen Shaikh

Witty International

“I completed my ECCEd from National Academy. It was one of my best decisions. The training sessions were awesome. The institute also provided us with enough materials for the course. They also arranged for a campus interview. Currently, I am a Cambridge Primary teacher at Witty International School. My sincere gratitude for National Academy and their staff”

Nikita Singh

Pre-School Owner
Cynosure Preschool

“National Academy ECCED program has been a great help in my journey as an educator. The curriculum covered all necessary concepts, knowledge and practice and helps in becoming proficient for a preschool environment”

Certificate in Phonics Teacher Training

Duration 20 hours
Mode Live Online / Offline
Investment ₹ 9500


Course Diploma in Counselling Certificate in Psychological Counselling Certificate in Child Psychology
Duration 1 year / 6 Months 5 months 5 months
Frequency Once a week / Twice a week Once a week Once a week
Mode Live Online Live Online Live Online
Investment ₹ 39000 ₹ 22000 ₹ 22000

Special Education

Course Diploma in Special Education Certificate in Learning Disability Certificate in Autism and ADHD
Duration 1 year / 6 Months 5 months 5 months
Frequency Once a week / Twice a week Once a week Once a week
Mode Live Online Live Online Live Online
Investment ₹ 39000 ₹ 22000 ₹ 22000

Esprance Kamble

SVP School

“I chose NA to scale new height in training & teaching career. The course was extremely effective and insightful. The administration and trainers were very approachable. Looking forward to similar experience and association”


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