Jolly Phonics Teacher Training Course In Mumbai

Jolly Phonics Training

About the Course

Jolly Phonics is a systematic synthetic phonics program designed to teach children to read and write words in an enjoyable, multi-sensory way. Children learn the 42 letter sounds of the English language, rather than the alphabet. Jolly Phonics enables early learners to become independent and successful readers and writers.

Phonics course for teachers trains the teachers on phonics and other related subjects. Through these programs, teachers can learn how to introduce phonics to students through various phonological activities in order to ensure the literacy development of children. Phonics training for teachers unlocks every teacher’s potential to achieve greater success in the classroom while teaching the English language to the children.

Aims & Objectives

  • To become a professional phonic teacher

  • To acquire an additional skill as a pre-primary teacher

  • To understand the child-centric approach towards the foundation for reading & writing English Language.

Course Contents

  • 42 letter sounds

  • Letter formation

  • Blending

  • Segmenting

  • Tricky words

  • Alternative spellings of vowel sounds

  • Spelling rules

  • The teaching sequence

Course flow and sequencing

  • Course content delivery

  • Live demos

  • Online practicetest

  • How to conduct Online sessions/ virtually engage children

  • How to start phonic classes (the business model)

For Whom

Course is highly recommended for practicing teachers, teachers trainees undergoing ECCEd or D.Ed. and parents


20 hours

Take Away

  • Certificate

  • Jolly Phonics teacher’s manual

  • Soft copy - worksheets/class notes

  • Phonic sound videos

Career Opportunities

  • You can start your own phonic classes

  • You can get a job in pre-primary school as a Phonic teacher

  • Phonic teachers are in demand at Activity Centers.

  • Very high paying part time or full time job.


Jolly Phonics Training In Mumbai is a course that focuses on teaching children how to read and write in a fun, multi-sensory manner. This course is ideal for children of age group 3-6 years.
By taking up a professional Phonics Teacher Training Course at National Academy, you can get a job as a phonic teacher in pre-primary schools, in various Activity Centres or get a high paying part-time/ full-time job. You can even start your own phonics class.
The Online Jolly Phonics training course for teachers lasts for a duration of 20 hours. Within this duration, candidates will be taught all the skills necessary as a part of their job.
Apart from securing a high-paying job for the rest of your career, getting a certificate in phonics training for teachers has a lot of other benefits. In addition to the certificate, you will get access to a jolly phonics teacher manual, a soft copy of the worksheets and notes along with phonics sound videos.
A phonics course for teachers is ideal for anyone who has a passion to be with kids and train them in a fun manner. This course is highly recommended for practising teachers, teacher trainees undergoing ECCEd or D.Ed. and parents.
The Online Jolly grammar teacher training course is an extension to Jolly phonics. It will equip teachers to teach children from 1st to 4th grades. It covers all the grammar concepts in an extremely simplified manner. It also covers bigger and rare spellings.