Why is Teacher Training Essential in Education?

When people talk about the new educational paradigm, they comment on the importance of guiding their students towards the ideas of acquired learning, so that they can respond to the needs of a changing and uncertain environment. Teachers are constantly facing social, political, and economic changes that impact education directly and immediately. They demand a radical change in a revolving manner. The solution is not to apply progress or innovation but to a structural change of the entire education system.

That is why teaching, in the first place, is a collective work. The entire teaching community needs a pre-primary teacher training course to analyze these changes and to develop skills to guide teaching approaches and methodologies. The teaching professionals should reflect on the purpose of educational technology, find out how the development of this innovation favors learning processes, and how is it measured and evaluated.

In another sense, professors are increasingly taking academic responsibilities. In addition to updating themselves in their knowledge, they act as facilitators of learning, organize the work of the class group, offer psychological and effective support to their students, promote social integration and ensure the sexual training of students. They also motivate families and society to participate with them and their students. And all this encompasses much more time and resources than continuous and permanent teacher courses. Teaching will always be a personal service, in which the educator must offer her personality, her emotions, and her feelings, establish an ethical commitment to students and make them realize that they are important.

Nursery teacher training courses can help the educator to define his/her own professional identity. The teacher must choose what type of education he wants to impart; what educational values seem ethical to them, which ones they will encourage, and which others will openly ignore or combat.
The teacher who has defined a clear line of education knows what she is looking for and what she intends. And this effort to define herself, to position herself, leads her to develop a coherent methodology to defend her actions against criticism, social or political changes, to families, etc.

It is the teacher’s task that despite these changes, they should inspire and link content towards a complex vision that leads to comprehensive education.

Considering the best way to transform society is undoubtedly through nursery teacher training where an educator builds new ways of acquiring knowledge according to the latest edification, science, and philosophy that is required to transform society with the involvement of all actors in education.

In daily teaching practice, teachers should implement strategies with activities such as building competition by projects, studying cases:

● Transversally
● By discussion groups, panels, discussions, teaching projects

These strategies will lead the students to solve and face real problems; allow the student to go beyond what is seen in the class (metacognition) to make their learning meaningful, such as the use of graphic organizers, peer work, self-assessment.

Teaching professionals constantly find the need to look for new ways to teach and help students become creative beings, with initiative, able to actively participate in society.

The need for student-centered education means teachers are trained permanently to develop as individuals and as professionals. Teachers should therefore maintain their ability to learn just like their students and any other professional.

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