Only Best Teacher Can Nurture Best Nursery

The work of a daycare teacher includes more than just watching children every day. In addition to ensuring that children are safe, the teacher is responsible for their health, development, nutrition, and education.
The teacher of kindergarten schools teaches children to express themselves and to be understood through language  : to order words in a sentence, to ask a question, to tell a small story, to name objects, to sing a nursery rhyme, to recite from memory Poems. He also introduces them to the writing: how to hold a pencil, write their first name in cursive, draw a circle, a square and a triangle, cut etc.
It helps them to locate themselves in space, move, to speak with their bodies, to develop their imagination, attention to the world around them, their concentration. It ‘ Also acts to put them in contact with new technologies (digital tablet, computer, and camera??). Finally, its role is to make them become autonomous pupils, respectful of others, rules and group life Education and training
Good nursery teachers do not do this without Montessori teacher training in Mumbai. They have taken courses in child development, and understand the achievements and skills that children should learn at each age. Through classes and training, they also know how to plan appropriate activities and strategies to help children achieve those accomplishments.
When it comes to child safety, safe nursery teachers have taken courses and obtained first aid and Montessori teacher training in Mumbai. They recognize symptoms of common illness and child abuse and know when to act if a child displays a shift in mood or behavior.
When a teacher does not set the rules or does not use appropriate ways to discipline children, chaos can take over the nursery. A good teacher creates simple rules for children to follow and uses strategies such as behaviour charts, time off, and redirection to motivate children to monitor the rules. 

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